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Joan Hamilton, Resident
"My words cannot express my feelings for the time I've spent recovering from my illness of Bi-Polar disorder. During the 2 1/2 years that I've been at BPCF, I've been able to develop a support system within my family and church. Together it made me a well rounded person again along with taking my meds"

Eva Donalson, Family Member
"Best Personal Care Facility is a safe and caring environment for my mentally ill brother. BPCF is a beautiful home which provides monitoring of all medications, nourishing and delicious food, interaction with others and supportive community programs. BPCF provides a meaningful structured lifestyle while promoting independent living.

James Dibala, Resident
"I would like to express my gratitude and satisfaction to the management and all the staff at the Best Personal Care Facility.
Since my stay for the last 7 months here, I have no complaints.
My mental condition as well as my overall health has greatly improved and I owe this to my doctors and the Facility. A well planned diet and a structured environment has very much to do with the improvement to myself. Medication is given timely and also accurately by the medication nurse and this is very important to me. I am treated kindly and fairly and this keeps me in a good frame of mind. Transportation is provided when needed and no complaining. Our outings to the movies and to the beach are all very enjoyable and gets us out our routine once in awhile.
Once again, my thanks to everyone involved here at Best Care and I look forward to my continued success and improvement."

  Jorge A. Raichman, M.D., P.A. Psychiatry
  "I have treated patients residing at Best Personal Care for over a decade. I have been impressed by their dedication and commitment to the welfare of their residents. They provide more than housing and food. They give their clients a structure where they can thrive in, in a predictable environment. They give them a frame of reference that can help them succeed, given their handicaps. All in all, its been an excellent placement choice."
  Carol Layman, Attorney at Law, Sister of a Resident
  Best Personal Care Facility has been a blessing for my brother, who recently moved to Houston and needed assistance with some of his activities of daily living, and relief from loneliness.
BPCF has become a wonderful, much needed safe haven for my brother that is helping him stabilize and live a healthy lifestyle. BPCF's structured day, medication management, regular daily cycles of sleep and wakefulness times, specific cigarette smoking periods, and home-cooked nutritious meals served at the same time each day, help my brother regulate his emotions.
Assistance with his laundry, and reminders about his personal hygiene help him maintain his self respect and self esteem.
Most importantly, my brother's social engagement and contact with the other residents and staff members have countered his past years of isolation and this ensurement of involvement in relationships has been a key to healing his mind, heart, body and spirit. His new friends at BPCF are the nicest gift of all from BPCF.
Beyond BPCF's soothing schedule, the facilities cheerful wall colors, beautiful artwork, warm furnishings and decorations and its sparkling cleanliness, provide the residents with a cozy and very supportive physical environment for living well.
My brother and I appreciate the caring and dedicated staff, who always treat all the residents with respect, dignity, and acceptance.
With deepest appreciation,
Godspeed to you
Mike, Family member of a Resident
Angelina , and Arnie , I wanted you to know that I will be forever indebted to you for all the things you’ve done for my Michael the past 8-9 years. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you watched over him when I could not , that you’ve always provided excellent medical care , always provided a good quality life for Michael and that you genuinely care about him. I know the only reason he is alive today is because of your care and your kindness.
I will call you soon and I will see you 12/25.
With my deepest regards,

  Linda Lang, Mother of a Resident
  Structure and TLC!

I have a daughter who suffers with a dual diagnosis (mental illness and substance abuse). Recently, it has become necessary for her to have the necessary structure to make sure that she eats and takes her medicine and has access to psychiatric care and when needed. She also has access to an outpatient program for dual illness which is a big plus.

I have much more peace of mind knowing that there is a competent staff keeping her safe while helping her to reach a level of stability. Because there are other consumers within the facility, she has also made friends which has added to the quality of her life.

I highly recommend this facility.

  Barbara Glass, Wife of a Resident
  When my husband was ready to be discharged from a psychiatric hospital into an assisted living facility the social workers strongly recommended BPCF. We scheduled a meeting with the directors where we could tour the facility and meet some of the patients who were of varied ages. We were so pleased that we did not go to other facilities.

He enjoys the facility and likes the staff very much and really appreciates the quality of the food. The staff has taken a personal interest and stays in contact with me. I am glad there is a place like BPCF.
BPCF provides a safe, clean, family style home for my sister. In the four years she has lived at BPCF we have observed the personal involvement of management and staff, the focus on maintaining stability for each resident and a commitment to providing a first class facility. I doubt there is a better place in Houston for the mentally ill to live.

  From Rebecca, Resident's Sister
  Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done, and continue to do daily, in making my brothers transition to Best Personal Care a welcoming and  warm experience. The care he receives is stellar and the "home environment" provided to residentsis key to those with illness, making them feel wanted, needed and useful. In addition, your staff is superb and the meals are delicious as well as nutritious. It is most comforting to know that my family member is receiving the best possible care available and that he is happy and well adjusted due to your attention to details. Thanks for who you are, and what you do.
  Tom Hamilton, Residents Brother
  BPCF provides a safe, clean, family style home for my sister. In the four years she has lived at BPCF we have observed the personal involvement of management and staff, the focus on maintaining stability for each resident and a commitment to providing a first class facility. I doubt there is a better place in Houston for the mentally ill to live.
  Carol Layman, Attorney at Law, Sister of a Resident

My brother who has schizoaffective disorder (combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) has been living at Best Personal Care Facility for one year. During his time there, his mental status, his capacity to regulate his emotions, his moods, his physical health and his sense of well being and self esteem have all improved tremendously. Another brother of mine and his wife visited Best Care a month ago to check on my mentally ill brother and to see Best Care. They were deeply impressed by this facility, by the owners Angelina and Arnie and, with the improvements in my mentally handicapped brother. As a result our family is making financial arrangements to ensure that my mentally ill brother, who is 54 years old, can live at Best Personal Care for the rest of his life.

There's no better place in Texas, and probably in the nation, to have a mentally ill person reside. Angelina + Arnie care for the residents deeply, and train the staff to treat residents with kindness + respect.

  Dusty Reedy, Family friend of a Resident
I have had to place several family members in assisted care facilities in the past in multiple states. In my opinion, the passion that Arnie and Angelina have to help the mentally ill get better is equal to non. This facility truly cares about the wellness of their residents in regards to both mental health and physical health.

I recently helped place a family member of a close friend in their facility and we have seen major changes in his physical wellness and over all well being. We could not have picked a better place for him. We visited multiple facilities in the Houston area and NO - one compared to Best Personal Care in regards to a true caring environment.
  Blanca Montes, Sister of a Resident
Después de estar buscando por mucho tiempo una casa de asistencia para mi hermano Jesús que padece de problemas mentales encontré a Best Personal Care y quede muy satisfecha. En los otros lugares que visite no pude encontrar lo que yo estaba buscando. Un lugar donde no solo cuidaran a sus residentes pero que también se preocuparan por ellos que los ayuden a salir de sus adicciones y sus problemas emocionales. Me siento muy contenta de que mi hermano este en este lugar porque se que esta en las mejores manos. En el poco tiempo que el esta residiendo ahí ya puedo notar el cambio en el, esta mas positivo y me cuenta lo bien que lo tratan y lo mucho que le gusta vivir ahí. En pocas palabras yo sinceramente recomiendo a Best Personal Care porque Arnie y Angelina se preocupan mucho por sus residentes, los ayudan a ser independientes y a vivir un mejor calidad de vida.
  John Layman, Brother of a Resident
For the last several weeks that I have visited my brother in law Scott at BPCF, I have noticed Scott is telling me more and more about his daily routines especially his around his hygiene. He has come a long way since he has become a resident. You all have been doing a terrific job of getting him to establish a routine before he starts his day. When he tells me about it, I can tell he has a sense of pride about it. It is a tall mountain to climb for Scott, but I think you all are doing great job of helping make the climb.

Good Work!
  Eleanor Greer, Family Member of a Resident
Angelina and Arnie Mariano,
My name is Eleanor Greer and my nephew Kenny Taylor is a resident of your wonderful establishment.  My sister just emailed me pictures of Kenny taken on an outing to China Town and I must say I was overwhelmed by what I saw.  My family and I have seen very few pictures of Kenny in public after he was stricken with his psychotic condition.  He has remained under the careful and protective care of his mother (my sister) for all of his adult life until he moved to your facility.  I just cannot put into words what my heart is feeling after seeing these pictures of Kenny out and about getting a hair cut and actually looking at food that he may eat in front of people other than his family.  Kenny's condition has kept him from doing almost anything in public for fear of the voices he constantly hears telling him that he is no good.  Needless to say I am just overjoyed to see him in a public setting that he has feared most of his life.
I am a Christian and do believe that God set up the circumstances for Kenny to end up at your facility.  I have never met you Angelina & Arnie, but from the bottom of my heart thank you for loving Kenny and giving him such a secure environment that he feels that he has enough trust to venture out.  My sister Jane and Kenny's sister Mary have said so many good things about you two.  I have visited Kenny once since he moved there and even then without proof of pictures saw that he was opening up more.  Now I have prove that he can smile and that he can go out in public and mingle with others.  I hope that the next time I come to visit Kenny (which will be soon) I would love to meet both of you which I consider angels on earth.  Please except my thanks and know that I am so grateful to God that you were there for Kenny at his lowest time in his life. 

Jeremiah 29:11-13
Nicolette and Jimmy Mawas, Family Members of a Resident
Dear Angelina, Dear Arnie,

The support Eric, Jimmy and I received during that year and a few months Eric was in your care, by yourselves and your wonderful staff, calls for a very special thanks and appreciation. One does not necessarily expect this kind of devoted attention in an institution such as yours and the name you have chosen is well deserved. The care indeed was very personal and at the best possible level. A special bonus was Angelina's professional knowledge enabling her to deal with great empathy and also the psychiatric know- how with the various emergencies occurring as Eric's condition worsened. The well trained staff were wonderful. And Arnie, always cheerful when trying to humor him or taking him to his various medical appointments, as well as to meals out when Eric was still able to eat., is something we will never forget. We will warmly recommend Best Personal Care Facility

Nicolette Mawas and Jimmy Mawas
Kerridge, Bishops Lane
Ringmer, East Sussex

Dan Baucum, Father of a Resident
Angelina and Arnie took very good care of our daughter who is Bi-polar. They not only gave exellent care but also prepared her for independent living. I give them the highest recommendation.
"The name fits the facility."

Todd Montgomery, Son of a Resident
Best Personal Care is a wonderful facility. I put my father at this facility 10 months ago. The staff at Best Personal Care communicated consistently and helped my father to become independent again. They made sure that he took all his meds and took him to his doctor appointments. They also were very helpful in making sure that he had continous activities to help keep his mind occupied. I highly recommend Best Personal Care. Arnie and Anglelina are very caring people. My father has been to many other facilities that were not near as proactive with his care. Best Personal Care lives up to their name and made a big difference in helping my father to get better and be able to live independently again.
Cindy S., Mother of a Resident
Our son had been in 3 other ALF which failed to provide the structure and guidance he needed for his condition. Although in the beginning he was reluctant to living at BPCF ( which was his same attitude in regards to the other facilities) almost a year later, he now considers Best Personal Care his home away from home! The staff is professional and genuine whose main focus is the client's well being. They are efficient in communicating with us while taking the necessary measures to establishing and adjusting our son's curriculum as he thrives.. We highly recommend BPCF to anyone faced with the difficult decision to place a loved one in someone else's care. Thank you Arnie and Angelina for all you do for our son. He is happy and making great strides and we finally have peace of mind.

Sincerely Grateful,
The S. Family
Joan Latos, Mother of a Resident
I have had to place several family members in assisted living facilities in Rhode Island and as a result inspected the properties and met with the staff of many facilities. When my daughter, Diane was placed in Best Personal Care, I naturally was concerned. When I visited for the first time I was impressed with the quiet, cleanliness and the competent , compassionate, personable staff.
Most importantly I can rest a lot easier knowing Angelina and Arnie are really concerned about Diane's welfare. They treat all residents as family and not just as another client.
Andy Broekhuizen, Husband of a Resident
I had been looking for a care facility for my wife. She has been in a number of homes without success and with  lot of problems, until I found Best Personal Care Facility. She has been there now for several months and I have nothing but praise for Arnie Mariano, the manager. My wife had a number of issues that needed to be taken care of and Arnie made a great effort to help. Best personal Care is a professional organization and I am glad that my wife is in their care.
Liz, Daughter of a Resident
I just wanted to write a letter so that you could use it to help other families make their decision. I wanted to thank you guys so much for everything. From the very beginning you have been so supportive. We were so confused about mental illness and how to best support my mother, and it was very nerve wracking,. Arnie walked us through the whole process and brought clarity to a very emotional and confusing situation. It was wonderful for us to have my mother in a place where she was treated with dignity and respect, well cared for, and who understand where she is coming from.
Once mom’s health declined, I have to tell you I was so impressed with your staff and how they worked with us to get the help she needed, they went above and beyond. Ms. Angelina is amazing, and she truly understands the danger signs and helped us understand why Mom was declining.
I am very grateful to all of you for the excellent care you have provided. I hope that mom gets back on her feet soon and can come back!
Ray, Father of a Resident
I can only praise the people at Best Care Facility. Angelina and Arnie run a highly professional, well organized assisted living facility. I originally placed my son under their care when it became apparent that I could not run a household, hold a job, and care for my son all at the same time. This was several years ago, and they were able to improve my son’s health to a level higher than I had seen for a number of years. After a few years, I returned him to his home, but it was apparent that he lacked any real contact with society and was basically isolated to himself. He requested that he be allowed to return to BCF, where he could talk to others and have a social life. Since he has returned, he is again doing much better, and living a more fulfilling life. I have not only had good experiences with Angelina and Arnie, but all the people they choose to employ. Obviously, I can only recommend Best Care Facility to anyone looking for a safe and secure and positive environment for their loved one (s).
Phillip Downs, Family Member of a Resident
Thank you for assisting our son get his life back under control. When he came out of the hospital I didn't know what to do with him. Your personal interest and that of all the staff and residents at Best Personal Care made him welcome and gave him structure and community he didn't have living on his own. Unlike other places our son has been, I have heard practically no complaints from him about the staff, the food or the other residents.

You have created a pleasant environment there with plenty of room and a park nearby. I would recommend your location to anyone with a loved one in need of a place to live in peace with supported care.