About Us

Best Personal Care is an Assisted Living Facility for Type A ambulatory Residents. For over 10 years, BPCF has been serving the Mental Health Community. We specialize in Residents with Mental Health Disorders and Adults with Special Needs. We are located in a quiet and peaceful residential neighborhood in South West Houston.

BPCF is a Modern 3 Level Facility Equipped with an Elevator and Spacious rooms with bathrooms. Private and Semi-Private rooms are available. A walking park, Churches, Temples, Community Center, Library, Hospitals, Public Transportation and many other amenities close by.

All of our residents have been referred to use by the Mental Health Community because of our Excellent Reputation and attention to Honest, Quality Care. We provide Excellent Medication Management, Safe and Clean Environment as well as our Nutritious and Balanced Diets.

Our Story

We wanted to provide an alternative to residential homes that have been converted to assisted living or personal care homes to clients. Our modern 3 level building is equipped with an elevator, it has spacious rooms and is fully certified by the State. BPCF is located in a safe and quiet location in Houston. We provide an apartment style of living as oppose to a group home or a boarding house environment. A safe, clean, bright, spacious, and friendly environment plays a crucial role in our clients sense of well being and better quality of life.


Angelina Mariano Background: -High school teacher(10 years) -Registered Nurse (Canada retired,14 years) -Children's Day Care Director,(16 years) -Assisted Living Director (13 years)

Arnie Mariano Background: -Marketing Mgr. (15 years) -Personnel Training Director(25 years)  -General Manager(20 years)