Best Personal Care
Is an Assisted Living Facility serving the Mental Health Community for the last 15 years. We specialize in Residents with Mental Disorders and Adults with Special Needs. All our Residents are referred to us by the Mental Health Communities from Texas and throughout the US because of our excellent reputation. Our Clients ages range from 18 to 85. Intergenerational Therapy, our Young Clients keeps our Senior Clients young at heart and gives them emotional and mental stimulation. Our Young Clients learns compassion, respect for the elderly and life skills from our Senior Clients.

What our Residents have to say about BPCF
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Private Room

BPCF Grandma Alice

Residents & Family Celebrating Special Occasions at BPCF

Enjoying a Beautiful Day on the Beach

BPCF Residents Garden Club

BPCF Resident Working Out
Healthy Body Healthy Mind

BPCF Residents in Chinatown

Depression Therapy

Concert at the Park

Movie Club

Library Club

Buffet Club

At the Museum

Resident at the driving range

Resident at the Aeros Hockey game

Dinner Out Night

Muscle Car Show Japanese Gardens
On a Boat in Galveston Riding Lessons Good exercise for the Body and Mind
Fun at the Zoo Music Therapy Great Day for Tennis




Jorge A. Raichman,
M.D., P.A. Psychiatry
"I have treated patients residing at Best Personal Care for over a decade. I have been impressed by their dedication and commitment to the welfare of their residents. They provide more than housing and food. They give their clients a structure where they can thrive in, in a predictable environment. They give them a frame of reference that can help them succeed, given their handicaps. All in all, its been an excellent placement choice."

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Cindy S.,
Mother of a Resident
Our son had been in 3 other ALF which failed to provide the structure and guidance he needed for his condition. Although in the beginning he was reluctant to living at BPCF
(which was his same attitude in regards to the other facilities) almost a year later, he now considers Best Personal Care his home away from home! The staff is professional and genuine whose main focus is the client's well being. They are efficient in communicating with us while taking the necessary measures to establishing and adjusting our son's curriculum as he thrives.. We highly recommend BPCF to anyone faced with the difficult decision to place a loved one in someone else's care. Thank you Arnie and Angelina for all you do for our son. He is happy and making great strides and we finally have peace of mind.

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Todd Montgomery,
Family Member of a Resident

Best Personal Care is a wonderful facility. I put my father at this facility 10 months ago. The staff at Best Personal Care communicated consistently and helped my father to become independent again. They made sure that he took all his meds and took him to his doctor appointments. They also were very helpful in making sure that he had continuous activities to help keep his mind occupied. I highly recommend Best Personal Care. Arnie and Anglelina are very caring people. My father has been to many other facilities that were not near as proactive with his care. Best Personal Care lives up to their name and made a big difference in helping my father to get better and be able to live independently again.

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Joan Hamilton,

"My words cannot express my feelings for the time I've spent recovering from my illness of Bi-Polar disorder. During the 2 1/2 years that I've been at BPCF, I've been able to develop a support system within my family and church. Together it made me a well rounded person again along with taking my meds"

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Family Member of a Resident
Angelina and Arnie, I wanted you to know that I will be forever indebted to you for all the things you�ve done for my Michael the past 8-9 years. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you watched over him when I could not , that you�ve always provided excellent medical care , always provided a good quality life for Michael and that you genuinely care about him. I know the only reason he is alive today is because of your care and your kindness.

With my deepest regards,

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Family Member of a Resident
Thank you for assisting our son get his life back under control. When he came out of the hospital I didn't know what to do with him. Your personal interest and that of all the staff and residents at Best Personal Care made him welcome and gave him structure and community he didn't have living on his own. Unlike other places our son has been, I have heard practically no complaints from him about the staff, the food or the other residents.

You have created a pleasant environment there with plenty of room and a park nearby. I would recommend your location to anyone with a loved one in need of a place to live in peace with supported care.

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